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Welcome to the Where to Shop Guide!

Let’s take a moment to talk about FIT. The biggest mistake we see our babes making when shopping for lingerie is prioritizing the SIZE of an outfit over the FIT of it. Lingerie sizing can be crazy, so if you are a medium in Target t-shirts and find yourself needing an XL in a particular bodysuit, go with the XL, girl. We’ll be cutting those tags off anyway!

A great rule of thumb is to always size up. We have pinned outfits to be tighter in many photos on our website, and no one would ever be able to tell. But a garment that is too tight? There’s nothing I can do for you there, babe. Even in photoshop- requests for slimming out areas from tight garments will get outsourced to a retouching company and you can save yourself a lot of $$$ for a retouching bill just by taking the garment fitting process real serious!

Grab your spouse or a trusted friend and try the pieces on in front of them!

We’ll start with one of our FAV lingerie retailers: Thistle & Spire. The price point on their garments are closer to Victoria’s Secret, but with better attention to design and construction. In our opinion, it is worth treating yourself to one or two pieces from this store to really look like a million bucks!

Another popular retailer that our clients for the price point is Yandy. They are known for staying on trend and having strong aesthetics per season. Sometimes Yandy can produce some high quality garments, and sometimes the pieces end up looking not-so-hot in person. Give yourself plenty of time to make returns if needed!

Also be mindful of some of their very theatrical options; while we can all appreciate a good sexy nurse, it is often times best left for Halloween!

Victoria’s Secret is still a place we recommend checking out to have the ability to try things on in person. While we don’t agree with many of their position on plus size and their unreasonable definition of “beauty,” this retailer can be a convenient option for many ladies. We hope that they do better in the future to represent more diverse bodies and support

If you can’t wait to show off your abs and want allllll the bra and panty sets, Lasenza is the place for you! They provide a very BOLD sense of styling! You’ll find some teddies and other lingerie staples, but their jam is really the bra and panty set. They’ve got spicy design styles at Target prices!



For our curvy babes we are going to give you a list of our FAVORITE retailer for plus size lingerie!! Patterns for straight size garments don’t always translate the same to curvy bodies- can I get an AMEN? This makes the buying process extra hard when you aren’t sure how a piece will lay on you. Here’s our favorite places to shop!

1) Fashion Nova. Girl, for REAL. We can’t believe we’re saying it either. But time and time again, our curvy clients are blowing us out of the water with their sexy pieces from this Kardashian obsessed company!

2) Torrid. Sometimes Torrid is hot, hot, HOT. And sometimes you really have to look for good, trendy lingerie from them. 100% worth the look though, because they are one of the few retailers who caters to the curvy babe and offers consistently fresh lingerie options!

3) ASOS is another retailer who does the curvy babe justice! Check out some of their bold styling and treat yourself to a couple higher end pieces! They are priced in the same range as Victoria’s Secret, but with better fit!

4) CityChic. Honestly. I just want to give this one a bunch of fire emojis. Just click the link and behold alllllllll the hotness!

Some honorable mentions…





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