Boudoir Session Planning Guide

Girl, I am so glad you’re here! Be sure to read through the whole page before scrolling through to the booking calendar! I want to make sure you’re fully prepared (and excited!) for the experience you’re about to sign up for!


If we haven’t already chatted on the phone or via email about a special date you need products by, the best rule of thumb when choosing your session date is a MINIMUM of 8 WEEKS from the day you need your products. Holidays are subject to vendor deadlines, so it’s best to email us to double check the timeframe you’re looking at before proceeding.

The calendar reflects all available dates for the timeframe we are booking. If you need a date outside of what is available, email the office to chat more about that.

Session Info

All studio sessions begin at 9:30am and are scheduled Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.

Once you’re all booked in, you’ll get access to our Client Portal which will house the RJS Lingerie Guide and our exclusive Where to Shop Guide! You’ll also have the opportunity to chat with us about styling options and shopping at your pre-session consultation. We want you to be as prepared as possible for this sexy day, so we’ve got you covered with every detail to consider!



This is what books your date! It also covers your in person appointments with the team and your hair and makeup for the big day. Session fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.



  • 1.5 Hour Full Studio Session

  • 2 Outfit Changes + White Sheet

  • Professional Hair and Makeup

  • 30 Min In Person Pre-Session Consultation

  • Same Day Image Reveal Appointment 

  • Exclusive Client RJS Tank Top (Brains. Beauty. Booty. $40 Value)


You’ll see your images 1 hour after your session! We’ll send you off to lunch at the cafe on the first floor or the pub down the street. When you return, we’ll be all prepped for your Image Reveal. This is where you’ll view and purchase your images! We’ll help you choose your favorite photos and help you pick out what art pieces and collection you’ll want to purchase if you haven’t already set up a Pre-Session Payment plan for all the sexy perks.

Want to learn more about our payment options? Click the button below to see what your options are!

RJS has partnered with the most high end professional print labs in North America to provide our clients the sexiest products to put their images in. 99% of our clients walk away with a handcrafted album, wrapped in premium leather. It’s kinda our thing. If you haven’t checked out our product offerings yet, click the button below to review pricing before booking your session.


Why Choose us?

So, before you pick your date, I want to impart one final thought before getting you set up for the sexiest day ever. RJS is made up of a group of women committed to the mission and belief that ALL women are beautiful. That you can look like a woman in a magazine without being photoshopped to look slimmer or to look like a completely different person. We uphold the belief that being beautiful is simply being YOU. That what we show you at your Image Reveal appointment is the beauty that your loved ones see when they look at you. So many of us are plagued with “less than” and “not good enough,” and we call BS. Our all-female team is going to show you that you ARE good enough. We’ve seen this experience translate into such life changing ways for our clients beyond their idea of beauty. Because it’s about self worth. And THAT is the best gift you could ever give yourself.

This is all we do, babe. 365. We don’t take on any other genre because working with women is our jam. And I cannot wait to work with YOU and give you an incredible boudoir experience!


Rachel J. Kline