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You’ll see your images 1 hour after your session! We’ll send you off to lunch at the cafe on the first floor or the pub down the street. Then you’ll come back for your Image Reveal and ordering appointment to review your images and select the ones you would like to purchase!

“Never in my life have I felt so sexy, confident, and proud of the body that I had. The moral of this story is to show and influence other women of all shapes, colors, and sizes that every single one of us is beautiful and sexy and I feel that every woman deserves to see herself in this aspect.”



We have curated some incredible collection options for you to take advantaged of bundled savings! Most of our clients purchase an album and at least one piece of wall art. Oh yeah. We said wall art. As you get to know us better, you’ll see that we are invested in making your boudoir experience last a lifetime. We want you to think about waking up to your favorite boudoir image (aka the best photo ever taken of you) and imagine having that version of you greet you each day. Whether it’s one of your steamier images or a beautiful, covered up portrait… the possibilities are endless!


The Bombshell collection


- BOMBSHELL XL ALBUM (10x14) 60 Images
- Matching Leather Bound Box
- Your choice of 2 image Folio or Passepartout
- Glass Heirloom Box - Entire Gallery
- Custom Metal Wall Art Collection ($5000 Value)
- Digital Collection - Entire Gallery
- Complimentary Session Fee - to be used towards your NEXT session!
- Additional Album Images $50/each
- 50% Off Additional Purchases


The AtElier’s Collection


- BOMBSHELL XL ALBUM (10x14) 50 Images
- Matching Leather Bound Box
- Your choice of 2 image Folio or Passepartout
- Digital Collection of Purchased Images
- $2500 Product Credit
- Additional Album Images $100/each
- 30% off total above $2500 Product Credit


The Editorial Collection


- LARGE BOMBSHELL ALBUM (8x12) 40 Images
- Matching Leather Bound Box
- Your choice of 2 image Folio or Passepartout
- Digital Collection - Purchased Images
- Additional Album Images $100/each
- $2000 Product Credit
- 20% off total above $2000 Product Credit


The vogue collection


* Most Popular Collection *

- MEDIUM LUXE ALBUM (8x10) 30 Images
- Digital Collection - Purchased Images
- $1500 Product Credit
- Additional Album Images $125/each
- 20% off total above $1500 Product Credit


The chic collection


- SMALL LUXE ALBUM (6x8) - 20 Images
- $500 Product Credit
- Additional Album Images $125/each


Little Black Book


- Little Black Book (6x6) - 6 Images
- Additional Album Images $150/image


the metal collections

The Super Model (TWO 30x40’s) - $2400

The Beauty Queen (THREE 16x24’s) $2100

The Cover Girl (NINE 8x12’s) - $1900

The Style Maven (FOUR 12x18’s) - $1600



We totally understand some babes are going to want to take control and make their own collections! Here are a list of options that will provide the maximum amount of flexibility for your boudoir dreams!



10 Images $1600
20 Images $2400
All Images $3600

We like to think of this item as an unbound album. Change out the top photo whenever you want to display a new image!


Print release of digital images + a Crystal USB for storage.

10 | $1500
20 | $2500
ALL | $3000


This where we spice it up!! Chose any items below to compliment your a la carte album or keepsake box!

Note: These options are add on’s only.
Once you purchase a keepsake box or digital collection, these will be available for you to add on to create your own collection.

Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is our JAM! Photos don’t even do these babies justice. The way they shimmer and shine in a room is absolutely gorgeous. Your jaw will hit the floor when you see yourself on one of these babies! Note: These are add on’s only. Metal wall art cannot be purchased without an album, keepsake box, or as a metal collection noted above.

8x12 $500
12x18 $750
16x24 $1195
20x30 $1395
24x36 $2195

bonus items

You’ll see some of these that can be snatched up as freebie’s as part of our pre-payment plan bonuses! Add them to your order at anytime because these little displays are going to steal your heart! Each one can be added to your order for $500 per item!

Mini Calendar on Brass Easel
Wine Box
Mobile App
ICE Block
Vintage Viewfinder



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