RJS Art Collections and products

You’ll see your images 1 hour after your session! We’ll send you off to lunch at the cafe on the first floor or the pub down the street. Then you’ll come back for your Image Reveal and ordering appointment to review your images and select the ones you would like to purchase!

If you would like a flexible payment plan option for your purchase outside of your normal credit providers, we suggest our 3rd party financing partners at PayPal Credit. Email us for more information on our in-house Pre-Session Payment Plan option.


Editorial Collection

  • Large Album (15 Spread)

  • Glass Box (20 Images)

  • 12x18 Metal Wall Art

  • Digital Collection - Purchased Images


(Value of $6,287)

The Atelier’s Collection

  • Luxe Album (20 Spread)

  • Heirloom Box (entire session)

  • Cover Girl Metal Wall Art (3) 16x24

  • Digital Collection + Crystal USB

  • Returning Client Session Fee

(Value of $12,263)

Vogue Collection

  • Medium Album (12 Spread)

  • 8x12 Metal Wall Art

  • Digital Collection - Purchased Images


(Value of $2,900)

Chic Collection

  • Little Album (10 Spread)

  • Diamond Block (1) 4x6

(Value of $1,975)

Essence Collection

  • Skinny Album (2 image leather bound folio)



The Metal Collections

Metal Wall Art pieces are so modern, chic and sexy. They are high gloss beauties that not only showcase how gorgeous you are, but they look amazing on the wall as light dances across them. Greet yourself every morning with a stunning image of yourself.

Wall art collections can be purchased on their own for the babe who just wants art to hang, or can be an amazing addition to an album or art collection for the full RJS Luxe experience.


Super Model

(2) 30x40 Metals


Beauty Queen

(3) 16x24


Cover Girl

(9) 8x12


Style Maven

(4) 12x18



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"I really did love my session. I felt more myself after my session than I have ever felt. I gained so much more confidence in myself and my body, and that was before I even saw that photos. I think it was because you ladies were there, constantly cheering me on and boosting me up." -Courtney K.