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The Ultimate Self Love Experience

Ooooo, girl. Are you ready for this?! Our booking guide is meant to get your head in the game to love every inch of yourself! We've collected all of our frequently asked questions and put them in a sexy guide for you to get a little familiar with us at Rachel Jasmine Studio and begin planning your very own boudoir experience! 

You can find us located on 5th & Penn in Reading by appointment. We have a beautiful studio space that provides privacy and a gorgeous backdrop for some steamy images. The RJS Downtown location is literally a Pinterest fantasy. 




At Rachel Jasmine Studio we want all women to embrace their unique beauty and celebrate their innate femininity. We believe that “sexy” doesn’t have an age, a dress size, or lifestyle. You can be sexy in lingerie and you can be sexy in jeans and a t-shirt. Sexy is a sensation, not an aesthetic. We believe every woman deserves to live a life filed with passion, intimacy, and an impenetrable sense of self worth. We want you to be in love with you, your whole self.


Let's talk about self love.

This is a call to love the skin you’re in! RJS Babes are on a journey to accept themselves and the bodies they were given. You can’t take care of something you don’t love. So, take time out of each day to check yourself out, be kind to yourself, and validate that you are enough. You deserve a life filled with love. Whether you're already there, on the journey, or need us to jumpstart you, we are here to be your cheerleaders in loving the gorgeous woman you are.



Do it for YOURSELF!

Boudoir is an expression of sexuality and liberation. While an album makes a fantastic gift for a partner, make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons. The album might be for them, but the experience is for you. Get ready to bring out that Boss Babe and rock your session.

Give yourself permission to be sexy and express your sensuality. We are going to focus on these three things:

Brains. Beauty. Booty. 



Self Discovery

During your time with us, as you prepare for your session, we want this to be an entire celebration of yourself. You are doing something that requires confidence and courage... two things women often express they sometimes lack in their lives. Boudoir can be an awesome exercise in testing yourself to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. And you get to look super hot doing it.

So, whether you are trying to be better connected to your femininity or you want to straight up celebrate it, we’ve got the perfect experience to spice things up a little and give you an album that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

And don’t forget, it’s all about YOU! We give you permission to be the hottest chick in the room and we will help you own that mindset. You’ll be glad you did this.



What's your level of comfort? 

Bring on the Lingerie!

There are plenty of lingerie options that are fun and sexy and can also cover up any 'problem areas' we want to deemphasize. Lingerie, like a good demi bra or a bustier for example, will help to emphasize your breasts if those are your best assets. Once you book you'll get our lingerie guide to help you navigate what works best for your body type and level of comfort. We can go as tame, or as red hot, as you'd like here.

Partial Skin

Right off the coattails of "Bring on the Lingerie," we've got styling options that will show more and more. A bra and panty set is always a great option if you want to show off your abs. Right now we are LOVING strappy lingerie.



Implied Nude

Like a white sheet session, we'll create the illusion of nudity by covering your breasts. If you want the nude experience without have to actually BE nude, a g-string thong is easily removed in post processing for side shots of the body.

Fine Art Nude

Women's bodies are truly beautiful forms. If you are so inclined, you may opt for some of the session to go totally nude. We'll pose you in classic fine art framing and focus on the landscape of your body. This is the most amazing opportunity to see your body the way an artist does. 



What makes YOU feel sexy?

Take a moment to really think about what makes you feel sexy. Are you a red hot vixen, are you playful-sexy, are you innocent and sweet... a combination of the three? We'll want to know this when we get into your session. The feminine spirit is beautifully complex and each session we aim to show the fullest range of your wonderful personality.



How to Prep

We will remind you of these things closer to your date, but here are a couple things we like to touch on throughout the process.

  • Hydrate. A week before your session, increase your water intake! We want soft, glowing skin and staying hydrated will definitely aid in that.
  • Nails. A detail often overlooked. Either treat yourself to a mani/pedi 1-3 days before your session, or make sure you come in with clean trimmed nails. Try to avoid wild fashion colors that will conflict with your outfit choices or the neutral tones of the studio. Your hands will be more present in your gallery than you might think!
  • Hair. PROMISE us you won't hit up the hair salon and make a drastic change the day before your session. If you'd like a touch up or a cut and color, try to schedule this appointment a week before your session. That gives you plenty of time for corrective measure should the worst happen.
  • Waxing/Shaving. Use your best judgement on waxing based on the growth rate of your hair if this is something you intend on doing. Give yourself at least 48 hrs for your body to reduce any inflammation. Shaving can be done the morning of your session.
  • Packing. Pack your bag the night before. There might be enough nerves and jitters without running around doing last minute packing.
  • Sleep. Get plenty of sleep! Literally talking about beauty rest here. It will really do wonders for your mindset and that gorgeous face of yours!
  • And finally, come to the studio with clean, dry hair. Give it a good wash and blowout the morning of your session so Kylie can work her artistic magic. Also come in with a clean, moisturized face. Unless you have any specific allergies or skin conditions and need to apply your own foundation, we've got you covered, girl!



Top Questions We Receive

"What if I've never been a model?"

Girl, we've got you. All the women you see in our gallery are real women, just like you. Rachel will pose your body down to your littlest finger. She will also coach your expression to get those sultry looks you see in the gallery. Most of our ladies come in having never been professionally photographed, and our team insures they leave feeling (and looking) like a super model.

"I don't know what I would wear."

We have a wonderful lingerie guide that will help you! We get it, lingerie is a crazy world. Our guide breaks down what is available to you and how it relates to your body type and level of comfort. We also have the Client Closet for you to pick through if you see something you'd like to try on! While we wash each piece after they've been worn, we still ask that you bring along a nude thong to wear under the Client Closet pieces for sanitary purposes.

"Do you offer payment plans?"

We do! We try to make this experience as accessible to women as possible. Financing options will be covered once you scroll down and land on our pricing page! 

"Do my images need to be shared on social media?"

We 100% value the privacy of our clients. We do not share any images on social media without your explicit consent. At your reveal we will walk you through the "Permission Slip," and you may choose out of 4 options: a full release, a partial release, anonymous photos only, or you may choose to waive it entirely and keep the photos just for you. 

"When can I book my session?"

Typically we book 2-3 months in advance. So, keep this in mind if you are planning for a specific celebration date. For example, we start shooting for Christmas August to early-November, and Valentine's Day November to early-January. At the bottom of our pricing page, you'll get a link to all of our available dates via our online booking calendar! 

"When do you shoot sessions?"

We shoot studio sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Each session begins at 9:30am. Girls of the Wild are shot on Saturdays and the time is determined based on the elements of the custom session. 

"When will I receive my products?"

You'll get your mobile app right away with your purchase paid in full! Plan for about 4 weeks until we have your order back from the lab and packaged. You'll receive an email from us on available times for you to pick up your order from the studio! 




Let's Break It Down

Here's what to expect from your time with us:

  • Book your session! Our online booking calendar will show you all of our available dates!
  • Sign your contract to finalize your booking to make the date exclusive to you! 
  • Once we generate your account, log in to the Client Portal to access the Where to Shop Guide + Lingerie Guide. Start there before you begin shopping! 
  • Approximately 2 weeks before your session, you'll receive a simple questionnaire for you to fill out so we can be prepared for your session + prep tips for the days leading up to your session! 
  • Show up for your hot, STEAMY boudoir session. Rock it like a Boss. 
  • Approximately two weeks later, come back for your ordering appointment! The wait is over and the most beautiful photos of you are revealed. From there we'll choose the BEAUTIFUL art pieces to display your favorite images in! 
  • About 4-6 weeks after your order is placed, we'll contact you to pick up your beautiful art pieces! 

    We are here for you the entire step of the way. This is a once in a lifetime dream session for most of our ladies and our primary goal is to give you the experience you've always wanted. Do not hesitate to call or email with questions throughout your time with us!



    Let's Get This Out of the Way

    By this point, you have an idea of what the process looks like and you have seen plenty of images of awesome chicks. Some of you may be wondering things like: will I look good doing this? Do I have the confidence for boudoir? What if I don't like how I look? Am I good enough for this? Can I spend that kind of money on myself? If you have transcended these feelings of self doubt, go ahead and skip to the next section! But, if you need a few words of encouragement, then read on babe.

    Let us first say that boudoir is for every woman and every body type. Our promise to you is our creative team will show you the most beautiful images of yourself you've ever seen. Sexy does not have a dress size. You will be posed and coached the whole way. The session is a fluid conversation all about YOU and what makes you your sexy self.

    A note about confidence. There is a common misconception about what confidence is. Confidence is earned from doing things that require you to be brave, babe! Hardly any of our clients walk right into their sessions feeling like super models. It's our job to pull that out of you. And if you don't think we can, then we personally challenge you to let us try! Join the women who are pushing out of their comfort zones and showing themselves the courage from within.

    You are good enough. You are good enough to go after anything you want. Sometimes life happens. And sometimes those things leave us with negative self beliefs. What if we told you those negative beliefs about your body and your beauty just aren't true? What if we showed you?

    We serve women of all different income levels. Our yearly salaries do not dictate who we are as people; or as women. No matter what amount of money you spend on your session, YOU are worth every penny. You are making a proprietary investment in your youth, beauty, and self worth.



    Meet the Artist


    Women's self image is such a delicate thing. You will be well taken care of in the hands of internationally published boudoir photographer, Rachel J. Kline. Rachel’s background in psychology, concentrated in human sexuality, gives her a unique perspective to provide an experience for women that is fun and sexy, but also soul affirming and enriching. She is an active, award winning member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers and is moving the industry forward as a boudoir photography educator with Do More Wear Less. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Rachel has mastered both natural and artificial light which allows her to provide visually rich imagery coupled with her emotional nature as an artist.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you how we see you. Let's have some fun!



    You want in? Here's how we get the party started!

    Your session fee and signed contract officially book your date. Often we book ladies several months out, and that date cannot be given to anyone else. For this reason, the session fee is non-refundable.

    Products and images are sold separately. Your session fee commissions our creative team to produce stunning images for you, and what you decide to purchase at your reveal is entirely up to you! This way, you are only walking away with artwork you absolutely love. On average, women are spending approximately $2800 on their collections.

    Prices are subject to change.


    Studio Session


    • 2 hour session
    • Professional Hair +Makeup 
    • 3 Outfit Choices
    • Access to Client Closet
    • Rachel's Expert Styling
    • Option for Fine Art Nudes
    • Expert Retouching Services 
    • Image Reveal Appointment 

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday availability. All sessions begin at 9:30am, and wrap up around 1:30pm. 

    * This fee does not include any art pieces or digital images. All images and products are purchased separately. 



    Girls of the Wild


    • Up to a 4 Hour Session 
    • *On Location within 1 hour radius of Berks County
    • Preferred Location Access 
    • Concept + Design Consultation with Rachel 
    • Professional Hair + Makeup
    • 3 Outfit Choices
    • Access to Client Closet
    • Rachel's Expert Styling
    • Complimentary Fitting Appointment 
    • Option for Fine Art Nudes
    • Expert Retouching Services 
    • Ordering Appointment 

    Girls of the Wild is offered on 2 select Saturdays per month. Session times are dependent on the final concept for the session (i.e. late morning, sunset, night shots, etc.)

    * This fee does not include any art pieces or digital images. All images and products are purchased separately. 




    Step two. Coming back for your image reveal and ordering appointment!! All images and products are sold separately. You'll be presented with a 60-80 image gallery to choose from, and fill your sexy album with! And. GIRL. Wait til you see your highlight clip from your boudoir film. ALL the fiiiiiiiire! 



    Pricing & Art Collections

    Click *HERE* to be taken to our full pricing menu of sexy goodness! Almost everyone leaves with an album and metal wall art, but we have SO MUCH more!!