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Well, hello lovely! Are you ready for story time? Just kidding. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Short-ish. Read on to learn about why I ditched my day job and started a boudoir photography studio!

First of all…

I’m a mom. I’m a mom who is out to have it all. A bomb ass career and a wonderful family life. Ask me about this later, because I’m still working on that balance- but everyday I get a little closer! I think…

Here’s my family.

All photos courtesy of my bestie  Lindsay Freeman .

All photos courtesy of my bestie Lindsay Freeman.

I’ve been a photographer for a decade. I began wanting to take photos of my baby. The big guy in the photo? That’s the baby I’m referring to. Isn’t he so handsome? The little one is adorable too- but as it goes with the second child, he is naughty. That charming kind of naughty where you just can’t ever be mad at him.

Two years ago I decided to do something crazy. I quit my day job and decided to pursue photography full time. But. I made the terrifying decision to ditch all other genres of photography to focus solely on working with women.

I knew that photographing women was my gift to the world; that, to me, showing women their inner and outer beauty was the most soul affirming thing I could ever do with my time here on earth. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about the vanity of beauty. It’s about living your life with confidence and self assurance. And that’s what boudoir experiences should give you.

In college I studied psychology with a concentration in Human Sexuality. I knew that I’d one day want to apply my clinical skills to working with women, but I never thought that life would lead me to starting a business focused around that… in a very… non-clinical setting… because you can bet Beyonce is blaring during your self love session in the boudoir studio.


Two years after deciding that I was going to say “yes” to myself and take a huge risk, I am SO happy to say that we have a booming boudoir studio! This month will mark out 200th client and that makes me so incredibly happy. We have moved into our very first commercial space and I work side by side with some incredible women who make this experience what it is.

We are an all female run business and the efforts of the entire RJS team is so authentic to the experience of all things relating to womanhood. It’s the literal best.

If you’ve stuck with me this long. Check out this quick intro video and learn a little bit more about why I do what I do!

…. oh… hey… you’re still here? Well, girlfriend, let’s chat! Every woman deserves to have the boudoir experience and I would LOVE to show you how incredible you are!

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