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The boudoir experience is not complete without amazing art pieces to display your sexy self in. We have partnered with the most high end print labs in North America to make sure that RJS babes get nothing but best, most bougie products out there.

Almost every single client ends up with one of our luxury albums. It’s kind of our thing.

Your photos deserve more than winding up on just a USB- or even worse, a digital download that will end up lost forever in a hard drive crash. Friends don’t let friends lose precious memories.

Oooo, whats up Dooms Day? Let’s get back to the fun stuff!!



Our albums come from our amazing Canadian print lab! I got to meet them this year while visiting Canada, and they are truly just as awesome as their products are.

All the albums are handcrafted to perfection and made with absolute love from our wonderful artisan friends in Canada.

While the photos are gorgeous, nothing compares to holding them in your hands, feeling the premium leather, and flipping through the ultra thick pages. These babies are HEAVY. They are truly heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime.

Metal Wall Art

We LOVE wall art! Second to the album, many of our ladies opt for metal as a display piece. They are so sleek and modern; sexy and chic.

Due to their popularity, we have recently released metal collections and they are gorgeous! They are designed to compliment each other, but the pieces are all individual metals and can absolutely be placed throughout your bedroom or home as you’d like.


Other goodies…

While albums and metal wall art are usually the stars of the show, we have other lil’ cuties that our babes add on to their collections for extra sexy fun!


Our glass keepsake box is a gorgeous option for an un-bound album. It holds an array of 4x6 prints incased in a glass box with copper details, and laid over a bed of moss.

Dreamy, right?

These looks gorgeous sitting on a nightstand or dresser.

ICE Blocks and Viewfinders make their way as other beloved products that our boudie babes opt for. We have some brand new items that will be added to our extras menu for 2019 that we are equally as excited about!

Custom App for all your mobile devices

Girl, gone are the days of having to dig through all your adventures and selfies to find that ONE photo you want to show someone! Your boudoir photos get a front and center seat with your very own app for any mobile device. With the ability to share the app with a significant other, your best girlfriends, or your adoring social media fans (yeah, we know you’ve got fans) our clients LOVE their mobile apps!

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 12.59.33 PM_ipadair2_silver_portrait.png

Give the gift of sexy…

We all know that the boudoir experience is for YOU, but your partner will absolutely enjoy the album. Our products and art pieces make amazing gifts for any occasion. Holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, “just because…” etc.

Don’t have anyone to gift the album to?

No worries! Fun fact: almost half of RJS clients are actually single ladies. At some point, boudoir got the reputation for being something you only did for you husband. Boudoir is for you, babe. Whether the album ends up getting wrapped under the Christmas tree for someone else, or is kept on your nightstand for you to flip through when you’re in need of a pick-me-up, this experience is all about celebrating the woman you are right now, and preserving your beauty in heirloom art pieces to look back on. Memories are the only thing we get to keep from the past.



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