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Luxury boudoir is the best money you’ll spend on yourself. Guys get things like golf clubs and tools. Boringgggg!

But we know that for some ladies, the financial investment can take more consideration than for others. This experience is truly for every woman despite her level of income. Our payment plan methods were designed to make luxury boudoir as accessible as possible to as many women as we can!

Let’s talk about money, honey.

First, I want to say: you are worth this investment. Yes. I’m talking to you. The woman reading this who puts everyone else’s needs in front of themselves. That is what makes you such a wonderful human being. But we are giving you permission to have this confidence building experience because confident women change the world and enrich the lives of others. True story.

PayPal Credit

Our 3rd party financing partners over at PayPal Credit have an awesome 6 month zero interest program for those approved. Depending on your traditional credit lender, if you’re looking to finance your purchase, the 6 months zero interest is often times better than the APR rates that come with normal credit cards. And if you need more time, they’ll offer easy flexible payments for you to manage beyond the 6 month period.

PayPal will determine your eligibility and credit limit immediately after submitting an application. If you’d like to apply to see what credit limit you’ll be given prior to booking, I’ll leave the link below.


Pre-Session Payment Plans

Let us help you make the most of this investment.

Our pre-session payment plans are ideal for ladies who want to pay off their products prior to the session. It’s an auto-debit system that will charge your card on file on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. You’ll be able to designate your preference in your payment agreement contract.

We do not offer payment plans after the session. Purchases are required to be paid in full at your Image Reveal Appointment unless a pre-session payment plan has been established after booking.

There are two main benefits of this program.

1) You’ll be able to bypass the waitlist. We only release certain dates at a time. The rest are considered Black Out Dates until they are released to the public. When opting for the pre-session payment plan, we’ll allow you to choose a date up to 6 months out to lower your monthly or bi-weekly payment, despite what the open calendar dates are.


Whether you’re planning on transferring cash, paying with a credit card or PayPal, or doing the Pre-Session Payment Plan… purchasing your collection prior to your session gets you all kinds of free stuff.


If you choose to pre-purchase one of our 5 Collections, we will include your choice of the following bonuses in your boudoir experience at no additional cost to you.

The Atelier’s or Essential Elements Collection: CHOOSE 3
The Vogue or Editorial Collection: CHOOSE 2
The Chic Collection: CHOOSE 1

Lingerie fitting during Pre-Session Consult (+30min)
Custom Mobile App of your purchased images ($550 value)
Premium Upgrade: Shower Scene, Angel Wings, OR Gold Foil
1 Additional Outfit/Sheets Session Ad-On (+30min)
Professional Headshots (2 fully retouched digital images)
12 Month Mini-Desk Calendar with you favorite 12 images ($500 value)
ICE Block ($500 Value)

So basically, we are making this decision real easy for you. Pre-purchase your collection. Get free sh*t. Can I get a high five?


Are you ready to book your life changing boudoir experience?

Girl. Let’s chat!! I’d love to get you on the books for 2019. You really do deserve it. And I promise, our team is the BEST!

“This was the most amazing experience I’ve ever encountered! Rachel and her team are fantastic, they make you feel so comfortable and really boost your confidence. Everyone needs to take the time and money to do this for themselves, it’s life changing!” -Emily. Google Review

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