Five Reasons to NOT Book Your Boudoir Session

Don’t let this title fool you, babe. We’re totally going to talk about why you SHOULD book your boudoir session. But I’m gonna get inside your head for a minute and tell you allllllll the reasons our very own RJS clients had for not booking their sessions. 

And look at these babes now. 

I have been a specialized boudoir photographer for 3 years, so I have heard it ALL! Check out some of the most popular reasons below. 


1) I need to lose weight first. 

Girl. Listen. I would not be a very good body positive advocate if I let you believe for one second that your worth and your beauty is tied up in the number on a scale. You are MORE than just your dress size. I want everyone to strive to be the healthiest version of themselves. But believing that you are beautiful and having the ability to be confident have nothing to do with your weight. 

Let’s quick take a look at Oprah (aka, my fav person). Did the times in her life where she weighed the most stop her from being a billionaire? No! I rest my case. 

You can do AMAZING things if you believe in yourself and have the confidence to face the world. You can do it without losing weight. And you can do a boudoir session too. 

2) You don’t have anyone to give the images to. 

Did you know that over 40% of RJS clients are single or divorced? And that most of our married clients confess that they really did the session for themselves? This experience is for YOU! Does our sexy leather-bound album make a great gift? Absolutely. I buy gifts for myself all the time. (Kidding. Kidding… but not really. lol) On a serious note: the boudoir experience is a gift to yourself. It’s about going through an empowering journey and coming out on the other side being a more confident version of yourself. It’s about a celebration of you- no matter who you are celebrating with: a partner, your best girlfriend, yourself, etc. 


3) You don’t look like the women on our website. 

Most of our clients said the exact same thing! Not only are we using our expert hair and makeup artist (Alisha) to transform you, but we are coaching you in a way that transforms you on an emotional level. I let you borrow my confidence in you to find it for yourself. I am analyzing every inch of you to pose you in a way that is comfortable and flattering, and I am finding all the things about you that make you who you are to ensure your personality shines through! That half smile that gets the boys going? I see that. The booty that you “don’t think is good,” girl I see that too and I will show you the great booty you have! You, my dear reader, are the woman our website is made up of. 

4) You don’t have the confidence to do this. 

This one is definitely one we hear very often. Confidence is earned by doing brave things. It doesn’t take confidence to book. It takes bravery. Even if it’s just a little bit. Get your booty in the door and we will do the rest! If you can follow my very simple direction, you can rock your boudoir session. Trust me, I’ll be rolling around on the floor with you to get you into the exact position I need you to be in. We’ll laugh and have so much fun that you’ll probably forget you’re even in your underwear. 


5) It’s too expensive. 

Girlfriend- I totally get it. The boudoir experience can certainly be an investment. It’s decision that is sometimes not made lightly. Like all those dang candies at the check out isle (… anyone else?). This investment you’re making is in YOURSELF. I can’t put a price tag on self confidence, but I know that whatever it is, you’re worth it. If you give yourself one, big, life changing gift in your time on this earth… let it be this. Because our team is here to support you in finding the self love you deserve. And after your experience, you’ve got 8,000 women in our private VIP group on Facebook to support you in continuing your self love journey! 


6) I don’t want my images all over the internet! 

This one is a good one, and often overlooked! We have a wide range of image release options for you to choose from. The control is 100% in your hands! We take great care in ensuring the privacy of our clients when it’s requested- and you’re definitely not alone in requesting it. Whether the reason is personal or professional, it’s totally up to you and we wholly support whatever decision you make. 

Okay girl - are you ready for this? I hope these tips help you not feel so so alone and get you in the right frame of mind for your very own life changing boudoir experience! Click the button below to reach out!