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Hey Lovelies!

Each week in our Rachel Jasmine Studio | VIP Insiders group we have what is called a Client Takeover!

Check out what Miss. E had to say about her boudoir experience with us along with some of her favorite photos from her gallery. And donโ€™t miss her live interview with Rachel at the bottom of the page! :-)



Good morning, beautiful ladies!! My name is Erin and I am taking over the RJS VIP feed every morning this week! I am super excited to share with all of you, so thank you to Rachel for giving me this opportunity!

I've known Rachel since we were in 4th and 5th grade, we grew up across the street from one another, and both ended up buying our parents' houses. How crazy is that?! What I am getting at is that even knowing Rachel for years and years I was still nervous as hell for my first shoot (yes, spoiler alert, I went back again ๐Ÿ˜‰). All of those nerves went out the window as soon as I got to the location of the shoot with her welcoming and fabulous staff of women and then most importantly, with Rachel herself!!

I did Rachel's Forest marathon shoot for an Anniversary surprise for my husband and was for sure nervous. Someone that I knew since I was a kid was going to see me half-naked in my underwear?! Whaaaaat!! I had to tell my husband that I was going to a spa day; weather was up in the air, so I already had a plan that my massage therapist was sick if I needed to reschedule since this session was outside. Thank goodness the weather ended up cooperating, but I forgot my wedding rings like a complete moron and had to go back home for them. I remember my husband being like uhhh and I said OMG I forgot my gift card! What a liar...lol.

My experience was beyond amazing and so fun! Seriously, everyone I encountered that day were so fabulous and made me feel like the most important woman in the world and truly at ease. Rachel said to bring jeans and a tank top and we would start out slow and then due to the nature of a boudoir marathon, there was not any time for that. I thought oh wtf, who cares! I totally lived in the moment and didn't care about a thing! There was a ton of laughter and silly moments. I said earlier that I did this as a surprise for my husband, but in reality this was more of a gift for me - the most empowering & life changing experience a woman can ever do for herself. <3

Have a fabulous Monday, babes!





Real and honest post. I have birthed two babies. I was way too skinny before kids, but had a flat stomach, so I've had a lot of challenges with my body since becoming a mom. I am forever grateful for my experience and for being able to bring new life into this world, but it was still something I struggled with majorly prior to my boudoir session with Rachel. I was very nit-picky of my body after having my first child and let's not even talk about how I was after the second. My husband would always yell at me when I would complain about my mom pooch or whatever else I was insecure about that day. 

This experience has truly allowed me to see the beauty that my husband sees every day. My stomach may not be 100% flat anymore, but that is not what really matters. Beauty is not about having a flat stomach or the perfect body. It is about so much more than that. It is about feeling comfortable in your own skin as a woman, owning your body and all of it's wonderful "imperfections"; feeling empowered every day to do whatever it is that you do best; being a strong, independent woman and so much more.

It's also #tushytuesday so here's MY booty! I will continue with the honesty in this post and say that I actually like my butt the most out of all my body features! Beauty is truly different to all of us. I love Rachel's saying of "empowered women empower women". It is so true and this group is a testament to that! If you can't tell the theme of my struggle with only posting one photo lolll.

"We are all different and that's beautiful" -Karen Salmansohn





Rachel and Kylie are dabomb.com, ladies!!! I loooooved (and still love) how glam this session was. I had to go back and see Rachel again after she secured her studio at the GoggleWorks. The forest session was absolutely amazing, but it was a marathon, meaning that the shoot was only an hour, and I needed a longer experience and more pose/photo opportunities. This was my true boudoir experience through and through and it was FAB!

Rachel and Kylie have the most perfect personalities to be working with nervous and uneasy women. This was my first time meeting Kylie and she acted like she was my BFF and that we knew each other for years. It was so easy to talk to her, which allowed me to trust her to do my hair and makeup with the confidence that I would look amazing when it was all said and done. I remember looking in the mirror and saying "OMG that is ME?!?!" Also, Kylie, you need to teach an eyebrow styling class because this girl has no clue wtf she is doing. ๐Ÿ˜‚

To all of you fabulous women in this group, seriously, if you are thinking about doing a session and have any fears or doubts, do it for YOU!! It is truly a life changing experience and will make you feel like the queen of the universe - and ya know why, because you ARE the queen of the universe!! This session was almost 9 months ago and I still think "damn, look at this sexy woman; OH WAIT, that is me!" on the regular. It is the best feeling in the world. ๐Ÿ˜

Keep doing your thing RJS. What the boudoir experience and this group means to all of us is beyond words. โค๏ธ




Happy Thursday, lovely ladies! I can't believe that I only have today and tomorrow to share with you. This week is flying by! Rachel has truly thought of everything to prepare you for a session. It was so nice to have a pre-session appt with her to go over everything and all of the questions that I had. It was such a great feeling to know that she genuinely cared about my experience and that she was actively listening through the entire conversation.

Some things that I was nervous about were knowing how to "pose" or the appropriate facial expression at the right time. All normal things for a woman who has never done this before! Rachel was able to put my mind at ease by explaining that she coaches you through the entire session, including an array of positions and poses. She is also a fabulous demonstrator so when you say "uh, do that again, please" 6 times, she is more than willing to do so. ๐Ÿคฃ

Rachel was also super helpful when it came to picking lingerie options for my sessions. I can't even tell you how many emails I sent her with all of my links to my potential lingerie choices asking for her opinion because I could not decide! The team also has a booking guide and a lingerie guide that thoroughly goes through every possible thing you need to know prior to your session. I feel like all these "little" things add up to set RJS studio and the experience apart. Of course, there were still nerves because that's only natural, but I truly feel like all of these resources (and there are a lot!) really helped me to feel confident going into my session.

Enjoy your day!





Happy Friday, babes!! We made it! I have truly enjoyed sharing my experience with all of you this week! I hope that it was meaningful! Thank you for joining my live interview last night - I had so much fun and Rachel is the best!! If you missed it or caught the replay and we didn't cover something that you were hoping to hear, feel free to ask me anything that you'd like to below! ๐Ÿ˜Š Congrats, again, to Tawny! How exciting!!

I remember being nervous prior to my reveal appointment and thinking "what if I don't like my photos?!" I shared this feeling with Rachel and I will never forget how amazing her response was. She said that if someone came to her and truly didn't like their images that she considered that to be failing as an artist. I think that speaks volumes to the type of person Rachel is, how much her work means to her, and how she wants each and every client to walk away from this experience feeling empowered, beautiful, and sexy. โค๏ธ

Once at my reveal and seeing the below (and all the others I've posted this week), I was absolutely amazed that it was me in the images that Rachel was sharing!!! Such an amazing feeling and one that is even hard to describe.

Thank you, again, to Rachel for giving me this opportunity to share, chat, and engage with you this week and to all of you amazing women for sharing, chatting, and engaging right back! Have a fabulous weekend!





If you have any questions regarding the boudoir experience, pleeeeease do not hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to chat with you! โค๏ธ