Miss. J Client Interview | Sinking Spring

Hey ladies!!

Each week in our Rachel Jasmine Studio | VIP Insiders group we have what is called a Client Takeover !

Check out what Miss. J had to say about her boudoir experience with us along with some of her favorite photos from her gallery. And don’t miss her live interview with Rachel at the bottom of the page.



Good Morning Ladies!!! Yay!! It’s my week to post and chat with you ladies and I am so excited to share my experience with you!! 

I, like almost every woman, have tons of insecurities about my body and I was super nervous to do something like this. However I always felt so beautiful pregnant, maybe it’s the hormones, maybe it’s the pregnancy magic. None of my pregnancies went super well but I felt beautiful as a woman doing amazing things making another human. During my shoot I was 4 months pregnant! I wanted to document it in a special way for my husband and myself because this was with our third and probably last baby! 

Rachel helped ease all my insecurities both before and during my shoot, and the reveal was an experience I will never forget! I’m excited to share more about those experiences with you ladies throughout this week!! ❤️



Tushy Tuesday!!!! Who doesn’t love tushy Tuesday?? I do!!!! 🙌😍❤️

I met with Rachel for my initial appointment. I had no idea what to expect, I was so nervous, what was I getting myself into, how would the pictures look, would I be too nervous being practically naked in front of someone I didn’t know? Would I look good enough? What would I wear? What would look good? So many questions ran through my head and I was a nervous wreck! Butttttt I sat down and started talking to this amazing woman who made me feel so comfortable, my nerves started to ease. I left that initial meeting feeling very excited for my shoot, trust me I was still super nervous but I felt comfortable with her and excited about everything that we had talked about! Ever meet someone who instantly makes you feel at ease?? That’s Rachel! Any questions or concerns you have don’t hesitate to ask! Deciding to go through with and doing this was a life changing experience for me because it allowed me to see a side of myself that I had never thought of before, because damn my ass looks sexy!!! 🤣



I remember walking in the day of my shoot anxious, excited, scared! My anxiety went out the window once I started to get my hair and makeup done! I felt so comfortable and ease that by the time we started shooting I was able to focus on what Rachel was telling me to do, relax, have fun, and a felt like a model! It was so much fun and for sure something that I will never forget! You leave feeling empowered, fierce, and beautiful and you literally can not wait to see your photos!!! 

I chose this picture from my collection because I love how it shows off my belly and I feel like I look fierce and strong in it. I hope you guys like it!!



Good morning Babes!!! Happy Thursday! I am choosing this picture today to share because I love how soft and feminine that I look in it, usually two things that I don’t often feel about myself!! In giving myself this experience Rachel was able to capture me in so many ways that I typically don’t see!! It truly is a life changing experience!

Ahhhh so I think we’re going live tonight with the interview!!! I’ll be super nervous but also wayyy excited to chat with all you babes!!! Please check in!! I have been loving all the love this week ❤️❤️



I have had so much fun this week!! Thank you Babes and Rachel for your support and love! Today is my final day posting and I wanted to share my “Vogue” shots with you!! I saw these images at my reveal and couldn’t believe that they were me, I felt like I was looking through a high-end magazine with top models. I can’t express enough how this experience has helped me to grow and learn to love myself. Thank you for hanging out with me this week, I would love to see you gorgeous babes with some selfies today in the comments!! ❤️❤️❤️




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