Miss. S Client Interview | Berks County

Hi lovelies…

Each week in our Rachel Jasmine Studio | VIP Insiders group we have what is called a Client Takeover!

Check out what Miss. S had to say about her boudoir experience with us along with some of her favorite photos from her gallery. And don’t miss her live interview with Rachel at the bottom of the page! :-)



I am so excited to share some of my experience with you all this week! I hope you enjoy my story!

I have never thought of myself as “classically beautiful”. As a young girl, I was awkward, all knobby knees & elbows and lots of freckles. I thought I was beautiful on the inside, but I have always had a hard time seeing beauty when I look in a mirror. 
Since I first came to see Rachel my life has gone through some very drastic changes and I have had some rough times this year.

I originally went to see Rachel to get a gift for my husband at the time. I hated having my picture taken. I have always had a hard time being comfortable with myself in photos. But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. This is where Rachel shines. She makes you laugh and makes you feel so beautiful even while you are super nervous. 

I could not pick just one picture to share today, it is way too hard to choose. I love the way I look in these photos. To me, in these photos, I look sexy, powerful, sassy, and confident. I look beautiful. 

When I look at myself in these photos I see myself as other people do. For the first time in my life, I saw myself in a new way. Looking at myself through the eyes of Rachel, I saw my sass, spunk, and beauty. I cannot thank Rachel enough for giving me this gift.




Ladies….THIS IS MY BOOTY! I still cannot believe that this is MY tushy. I remember thinking when I was posing for these shots that I did not want to even know what my booty looked like from that angle but HOLY MOLY! Trust the process. Trust in Rachel and the other amazing ladies in the studio. They know what they are doing. 

We are all our own worst enemy sometimes and I learned that inner voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough is BS. Do not listen to that voice because you ARE good enough! This photo helps to remind me that I am sexy and I am good enough.



I mentioned that when I originally went to see Rachel I was looking to do something for my husband at the time. We have since divorced. It was a lot of change in my life in a very short amount of time. I have had some very bad days over the last year. I did not feel beautiful for a long time. I felt worthless. I felt unwanted. I felt lost. I remember going to see Rachel for the last of my products a few weeks after my separation and her comforting me. I remember her providing me with words of encouragement. Rachel and all her ladies are amazing, they truly care about their clients. 

They say time heals all wounds. Slowly I have healed myself and built myself back up. Now my photos are displayed in my house (the PG ones anyways…LOL). I look at them with pride. I am beautiful and I am worth everything. I chose this particular picture for today as it is one of my very favorite ones because my eyes look fierce. 

Happy Halloween!



Hello gorgeous ladies! 

This photo here is HOT!!! During my reveal, I believe I kept asking if this was really me. I could not believe my eyes. Rachel is so talented. This photo is one of my favorites because I feel like a model. The pose, to the freshly oiled skin, to the expression Rachel coached me into…. all of it is flawless. 

If you want to feel fantabulous about yourself and like you are a model….go see Rachel and her ladies! You will not regret it! And it is super fun! I laughed so much with Rachel during my session.



Fantabulous ladies, it has been a pleasure sharing my story with you all. Today is my last day and I am very happy Rachel gave me the opportunity to do this for you all. 

I absolutely could not even choose just two photos today it was too difficult because I just love them all. I am so very happy I made the leap out of my comfort zone by booking my session with Rachel. This experience has taught me so much about myself. I am beautiful. Inside and out. If you think that this is something you are not good enough or pretty enough to do then you are wrong. We are all beautiful in our unique ways. No matter what size, color, or shape you are, you are beautiful. Love yourself. Treat yourself. 

Thank you all so very much! I hope you enjoyed my story. These last three photos are all so unique and fun. Enjoy!





If you have any questions regarding the boudoir experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to us girl! Click the button below! :-)