Berks County Boudoir | Being you is being beautiful

Our girl Miss M. took a moment to say some sweet words about us and how she felt about her boudoir experience!!!


I’m so glad I took advantage of this opportunity. Rachel and Kylie are the sweetest and made me feel at home. I decided to book for a few reasons but the biggest was to see myself the way others do. I’m not comfortable with my body and I usually joke to hide that. During the shoot I was raw and exposed - that’s the whole point! I left my session feeling wonderful and had a little pep in my step, maybe from pointing my toes all morning, or because I achieved what I was looking for!


Girl. Yas! She brought her A-game, she came with trust for the process, and she left with a stunning gallery that shows her beauty and her confidence. Even if she wasn’t sure that confidence was there when she first walked in for her session- I definitely saw it come out as we got started!

That’s what boudoir is all about- doing something out of your comfort zone and getting the bragging rights to say “I DID the damn thing! And I looked HOT doing it!”


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