5 Ways to Rock Your Boudoir Session

5 Ways to Rock Your Boudoir Session

Boudoir is a fun and sexy experience, but it’s not always easy for women to take the leap. For some ladies there is a lot of fear and anxiety.

“Will I look like those women on the website?”

“What if I can’t find anything to wear!”

“What if I’m bad at this and make weird faces?”

“I don’t have the body for boudoir.”

Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled on this article. Because boudoir is for everBODY and I’m here to give you 5 tips on how to rock your boudoir session!


1) Relax!

Whether you’re thinking about booking or have already booked your session, it’s best to try and calm your nerves as much as you can. And, I quite literally mean “relax.” This experience isn’t JUST about the photo shoot. I want you to pamper yourself. Deal? Get a bath bomb and marinate in how hot you’re going to look. Get that facial you’ve been meaning to schedule since two kids ago (okay, I can’t be the only one here, right?). From the moment you book your session, I want you to make a promise to me that you’ll engage in acts of self love. Get as bougie as you want or keep it simple. Either way, kick off this experience knowing that for the first time (in maybe forever) you are doing something solely for YOU and I want you to make the most of it!

2) Take advantage of the shopping guides!

The idea of lingerie shopping sounds super fun, because who doesn’t love looking at pretty things? But once you start to really dive into the world of lingerie, it can quickly become overwhelming if you’ve never shopped for it before. We have a lingerie guide that helps to break down what all the styles and options are and how they relate to your body type and level of comfort. And, bonus? If you want to see exactly the styles I would love to see on my clients in real time, you can shop right from my Pinterest board! This is one of the most important parts of your boudoir session prep, so try to make it as stress free as possible!

3) Prioritize fit over size.

Speaking of shopping- this one needed it’s own bullet point. The most common mistake we see in the studio is when ladies prioritize the size of a piece over the fit of it. Lingerie sizing is not kind to our psyche. I would rather see you in one size larger and have you look slammin’ than have you trying to squeeze into a piece that doesn’t look flattering. That goes for large items too- we don’t want baggy lingerie. Most lingerie (except for the dreaded babydoll) is meant to be fitted to your body. Do the leg work here and try on your pieces on in front of a trusted friend. Give yourself plenty of time for exchanges and returns when shopping online.

4) Drink plenty of water!

I know this one is kind of funny, but I’m totally serious. Considering that we’ll be focusing a lot on photographing your skin- we want it to be as radiant as possible. So, start hydrating now! And in the days leading up to your session, try to avoid alcohol and salty foods (emphasis on try) and make sure you’ve got a water bottle on hand. You’ll thank me for this later. Pinky promise.

5) Let go of your inhibitions.

It’s very likely that you’ve never done this. RJS clients are all everyday babes who have very little experience in front of a camera. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to check your self doubt at the door. Just leave it there. You can return to it when you’re done if you want, but it will probably just chill in the Self Doubt Graveyard with the rest of our clients. See what I did there? lol I want you to have the mentality of “well, I’m here… I’m just gonna go for it.”

Because remember- when you come in for your session, it’s not your job to be sexy! Your job is to follow my example, soak in my coaching, and have FUN!

You got this!

I hope you enjoyed a few of these tips! We’d love to hear from our readers about the kinds of questions they’d like us to answer. Leave a comment to share your thoughts!



Girl. You’ve made it to the end, which makes me feel like you’re kinda into this. Let’s chat! These are just a few examples of how to rock your boudoir session out of our client prep guides. We have a full arsenal of boudie eduction to prep you for the sexiest day ever. try