Berks County Boudoir | Miss J Talks About Her Boudoir Photos

I hear a lot of women say they don’t believe they have the “body for boudoir.” Well we make it our mission every single day that EVERY woman has the body for boudoir. And we have proven it yet again with Miss J’s absolutely sexy, stunning gallery! She’s a busy mom who finally took some time for HER when she scheduled her boudoir session and celebrated her beauty with us.

All it took for her was to muster up the COURAGE to book! Confidence is not a requirement. That is what you GAIN after your boudoir experience! Especially when you done the dayyuumm thing, like Miss J did!

Check out what she had to say about her boudoir experience, and see some of her GORGEOUS photos! I am living for her sexy, vixen-y styling and that gartered lingerie makes my heart sing.


Q: How did you first hear of Rachel Jasmine Studio and what made you want to book with us?
A: I first saw the studio on a Facebook post. I originally entered the contest. After being a part of the group, watching behind the scenes live videos and seeing posts, I was convinced to stop being scared and go for it!

Q: What was your initial reason for booking?
A: I have always wanted to do this and my boyfriends Birthday is coming up so I thought it would be a great gift to both of us.

Q: Do you have a "expectation vs reality" story to tell about your shoot?
A: I expected to be way more nervous and self conscious about my body. What happened was completely opposite. From the second I walked in I was greeted like I was an old friend. I immediately felt comfortable with Kylie. She made me look and feel beautiful! Rachel was just as friendly and sweet! At times forgot that I was completely naked. They were both full of compliments, and put me totally at ease. I had a lot of fun! It was an amazing experience! Y'all really know how to make a woman feel good ♡

Q: What was it like seeing your images for the first time?
A: I was blown away! I didnt expect to like many because I always pick myself apart in pictures. This was different! I didnt see all of my flaws. I was looking at a woman and body I loved on that screen. I loved them all!!! I never expected it to be so hard to narrow down my options! I can not wait to see them in person! That is a priceless feeling to look at yourself so vulnerable and love what you see. So thank you for that 🥰

Q: Has anything changed for you since your boudoir experience and seeing your gallery? How has boudoir impacted your body image as a woman?
A: Yes, actually. When I'm having a day that I'm feeling not so great about myself I look at my gallery and remember this smoking hot babe is me, lol. Its nice to have that visual reminder of what my man sees when he looks at me. Helps hush the negative thoughts. I used to not want him to see my body and would try to cover myself. I dont do that anymore and that feels amazing!

Q: Would you recommend Rachel Jasmine Studio for the luxury boudoir experience to others?
A: 1 million times yes!!!!

Q: What advice would you give to another woman considering the boudoir experience with Rachel Jasmine Studio?
A: Just do it! Whatever that thing is that's preventing you from going for it, I promise it wont matter! You will love the entire process! I am so glad I did this for myself. We all deserve to love ourselves that way sometimes.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add to your interview?
A: You ladies should be very proud of yourselves for the amazing things you are doing for women. The benefits of my experience are way beyond the shoot. The self love and confidence boost is something I'll be forever grateful for!


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