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From the moment I got on the phone with Miss A. I knew we were a PERFECT fit! She called me as soon as I concluded a Facebook Live video out of excitement to book her shoot and had me smiling and laughing the whole conversation. My day with her in person for her session was full of the same fun energy that she started with over the phone!

I can’t wait for you to read what she had to say about her experience! Then scroll down to see some of her GORGEOUS images!


Q: How did you first hear of Rachel Jasmine Studio and what made you want to book with us?
A: I first heard about you guys on Facebook. I've always wanted to do a boudoir session but I never really found a photographer that made me want to book a session. As soon as I looked at your page, I was like "OMG I need to book my session now." Your work is truly amazing and I wanted to be apart of that.

Q: What was your initial reason for booking?
A: I feel like women are supposed to be held to this size 2 standard, and don't get me wrong I used to be one of them. But, as we all know life happens and things change. I recently had a baby and I was really struggling with my body image and the changes it just went through and I was super uncomfortable with how I looked. My finance would always tell me how beautiful I looked, but I still had that insecurity. I tried to tell myself to stop being so hard on myself. I just made a baby! But, it's never that easy. But, after seeing your work all I wanted was to see myself the way my fiancé does. He doesn't care that I put on a few extra pounds. He loves me for me and not my weight. Going into the session I was super nervous but also so excited. It was so amazing and empowering to let myself have fun and be in the moment. I'm constantly on the go with being a mom and working fulltime that I haven't really had a moment to myself since my son was born. It was so nice to feel pampered for a day and just relax!

Q: Do you have a "expectation vs reality" story to tell about your shoot?
So my expectation vs reality going into this was kind of like one of those Facebook videos you watch with the really fit gym girl vs the mom body. I could just picture this beautiful woman posing for all of these pictures looking AMAZING and then there I am "trying" to pose in a sexy way, and it all being totally laughable. But, after getting into the session that was not the case at all! You did an amazing job showing me different ways to pose and look like a complete fool LOL!!!

Q: What was it like seeing your images for the first time?
A: When we were getting close to the image reveal I was so anxious. I kept think what if I don't like any of my pictures....Boy was I wrong! Seeing my pictures brought me so much joy. I finally got to see who I was in this "new" body. It was a truly eye opening experience. Picture after picture after picture I just kept saying to myself, "Damn girl you look HOT!" I haven't had the feeling in a such a long time. I could finally see what my fiancé was seeing.

Q: Has anything changed for you since your boudoir experience and seeing your gallery? How has boudoir impacted your body image as a woman?
A: So much has changed since my boudoir experience. I can look at myself and not judge myself on how I look. I don't have to be so hard on myself about missing a day at the gym or eating that piece of cake...cuz we all like cake! I see that I'm beautiful the way I am and I need to own that! I feel like we as women need to empower each other and stop judging each other on our body shapes and sizes. We are all beautiful in own ways.

Q: Would you recommend Rachel Jasmine Studio for the luxury boudoir experience to others?
A: Hands down I would recommend Rachel Jasmine Studio to all of my female friends and I have already started recommending some ladies to come to you guys! I never in a million years expected my experience to be so positive.

Q: What advice would you give to another woman considering the boudoir experience with Rachel Jasmine Studio?
I would tell anyone who is on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot to DO IT! You will not be disappointed in your pictures or the experience. I went in to this thinking I would hate my photos because I not at my idea weight, I have cellulite and stretch marks and thought that would be the only thing I would see in my pictures, but I was totally wrong. Rachel has a way of pulling this goddess out of you during the session that all of your fears and anxiety about the session go right out the window. This is something you NEED to do!

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add to your interview?
A: I just want to say a huge Thank You to you and Ky for everything. You guys welcomed me with open arms and made me feel so unbelievably comfortable. I never imagined that I would have so much fun during this experience. I will defiantly be booking again in the near future! You ladies are wonderful and the work you do is AMAZING. I never thought doing a photoshoot in my underwear and bra would change my perspective on myself, but it honestly has changed me so much. I have you guys to thank for that.


There you have it! What an incredible woman! Miss A. is helping us to show how all bodies are beautiful and now matter what you’ve been through in life, you are beautiful just the way you are.


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