Boudoir Client | Miss D's Boudoir Experience

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Miss D as the grand prize winner of our 2019 giveaway! I was blown away by her story on surviving Stage 4 Lung Cancer and all of the obstacles she overcame. The mindset she had and her will to keep living her beautiful life was so inspiring.

We had an incredible day learning about her and just having FUN! She is just as beautiful as she is strong and I am so honored to be able to share the amazing images we created together and some words on her and her boudoir experience with us.


Q: How did you first hear of Rachel Jasmine Studio and what made you want to book with us?
A: I've been following Rachel's Studio & the gorgeously positive work she pours into the universe for a LONG time now! I was the SUPER LUCKY winner for one of her AMAZING shoots!

Q: What was your initial reason for booking?
A: I have wanted to do a shoot for the longest time! 2018 was a REALLY tough year for me... I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, working full time throughout all of many surgeries and chemo all while trying my very best to keep up with raising 2 super active & wonderful young humans. I'm so proud to say I won that battle and am living today Cancer FREE but my body changed drastically throughout the Fight. That left me with a not so positive outer self image even though on the inside I knew I was an amazing bad@ss chick who NEVER let Cancer win!

Q: Do you have a "expectation vs reality" story to tell about your shoot?
A: I honestly didn't expect the shoot to be so empowering and life changing as it was!!!!!

Q: What was it like seeing your images for the first time?
A: Shocking and Amazing! I just kept saying "I can't believe that's me! I look so alive!" The same day reveal is a pretty awesome perk! The entire shoot I couldn't wait to see what Rachel was looking at from behind the lens.

Q: Has anything changed for you since your boudoir experience and seeing your gallery? How has boudoir impacted your body image as a woman?
A: How I view myself has changed dramatically since my shoot. I can honestly say I LOVE looking at my gallery. Although my "body" may look different than it did a year ago it's truly the vessel that got me through the toughest time in my life. This shoot has taught me to love myself again and more importantly Rachel's work has helped me to see the beauty in my body I couldn't see myself before.

Q: Would you recommend Rachel Jasmine Studio for the luxury boudoir experience to others?
A: ABSOLUTELY HIGHLY (THE HIGHEST) RECOMMENDED! This is an experience EVERY woman should have in her lifetime!!!!

Q: What advice would you give to another woman considering the boudoir experience with Rachel Jasmine Studio?
A: Don't be nervous (I know, I know, I was too) BUT as soon as you get into Kylie's chair for Hair and Make-up those feelings fade super fast! She is as equally amazing as Rachel! Own the shoot! Smile, Sparkle & Shine like the Queen you are! It will hands down be one of the BEST days you'll ever experience!

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add to your interview?
A: Rachel & Kylie are spectacular. I am so blessed to have been able to work with 2 of the baddest ladies on the planet. Thank You for showing me just how beautiful I am and helping me to love the skin I'm in! <3 <3



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