Boudoir Session Planning Guide


Okay girl, so now that you’re on your way to the sexiest day ever- let us help you take some of the guess work out of the little details! Sometime’s these things can be overlooked or forgotten, so consider this your personal prep guide to rock your boudoir session!

+ Hair Prep

Sometimes ladies say that their next day hair holds a better curl; in our experience we prefer clean blown out hair. We use professional styling tools that will ensure voluptuous results as long as we have a good base to work with!

  • Wash and blow out your hair the morning of your session for volume and cleanliness. Heat protectants and volume mousse may be used to prep hair for blow out, but DO NOT use hair spray!

+ Makeup Prep

We want to be sure that the makeup will apply well to your face, so it's best to start with a clean slate. Girl. You can do this. Many women gasp at the thought of leaving their house without an ounce of makeup, but you're beautiful without it. Besides, this is a perfect reason to rock some fancy sunglasses. Go full out Hollywood here!

  • Come in with a clean, washed face. No makeup. Apply a light, non-fragrant moisturizer.

+ Exfoliate

This timeframe will be based on the sensitivity to your skin. If you regularly exfloitate the face and body, then do it the night before a full 24-36 hours prior. If your skin is prone to irritation after exfoliating, use your best judgement.

  • Lips. Face. Body. Remember to hit all of these for fresh, luminous looking skin!

+ Moisture and Hydration

About a week before your session we want you to really increase your water intake. A solid 7 days will likely mean that any water retention will have subsided by then, and we will have a beautiful moisturized canvas to work with. It truly does make such a difference in the final impact of the images and how your skin photographs.

  • Drink lots of water. Moustoirize your entire body after your shower the morning of your session. Pay extra attention to knees and elbows, and consider the drying effects of the season you've booked your session.

Get your stretch on, girl!

No, seriously! We recommend spending 10-15 minute stretching after your shower or before you head to the studio. You will be holding poses and using muscles you won't be used to using. So while the boudoir soreness is a badge of honor for our clients, stretching will help to reduce some of that and help you really dig deep into some of our more advanced poses!


Speaking of getting physical…

We are able to modify poses due to ANY physical limitation. We have clients of all sizes, ages, and physical conditions and are ready to accommodate any unique needs you may have. It is best to let us know ahead of time so that we can prepare any accommodations necessary and plan to give you the boudoir session of your dreams!

Styling: It doesn’t have to be all about lingerie

Boudoir styling is often synonymous with lingerie- and while we consider ourselves to be tried and true lingerie addicts, we love to see a range of looks! Above you’ll see two examples of the white sheet (we provide and launder the sheets!) and a sporty look that can be complete with a modern style band (think Calvin Klein) and a cut tank top for some glorious tummy shots and under-boob.

Make sure you check out the Lingerie Guide provided to you inside your Client Portal! This is the best place to start when navigating the world of lingerie. It talks about all the styles available and how they relate to your body type and level of comfort. After that, take a look at the Where to Shop Guide, which is our exclusive curated list of favorite lingerie retailers and descriptions of what we love about them!

We have found that certain styling photographs the best in our studio, style and aesthetic, the way we use lighting and our editing style. We want to make sure that you are looking your best in a way that is true to boudoir. The best example to is contrast pinup photography and boudoir: pinup is full of fun props and theatrical styling, boudoir is stripped down (pun totally intended here). We go into further details on these things in the Lingerie Guide, but here is a quick reference!

Bring With You:

  • Gartered lingerie

  • Bodysuits & teddies

  • Slips & Chemise’s

  • Calvin Kleins

  • High-waisted panties

  • Shapewear

  • White fitted button up (that fits YOU)

  • Birthday suit

Leave At Home:

  • Sports jerseys

  • Oversized mens clothes

  • Props: footballs, fishing rods, hunting vests, etc.

  • Long pearl necklaces

  • Neon colors or tie-dye

  • Weapons

  • Flowy babydolls

Here’s a couple more optional prep tips to consider before your big day!

+ Mani/Pedi

Details are so important! While we love a good set of acrylics for boudoir, nails should at least groomed well and given a good cleaning before the session! If you decide to go for some color, here's what we suggest:

  • Romantic reds
  • Nuetrals; nudes and pinks
  • French Tips

Feet are very present during our sessions! A good exfoliation here goes a long way. We want to especially take care that the bottoms of your feet are nice and clean for the epic toe pointing you're about to do! Plus: every woman deserves a day at the spa!

+ Bikini/Brazillian Wax

We want you to groom in a way that feels comfortable to you! Brazillians can easily be subsituted for a good shave the morning of your session, but if you want that extra spa experience, it's best to schedule your wax 48-36 hours prior to your session! Any redness or irritation will have time to subside by the time you get to the studio.

+ Tanning/Spray tan

If you are the kind of babe who wants a good bronzey glow for your session, it is absolutely worth the effort to start hitting the tanning bed once a week 1-2 months prior to your session.

If UV exposure is an issue, we reccomend a custom spray tan with our friends over at Baja Beach Tanning Club. They do an incredible job and will guarantee a true bronze look.

Important: this is an area that can cause really unflattering results if you are attempting to self tan without the help of a professional, certified salon. Specifically regarding stained hands and feet which cannot be photoshopped out. Take this opportunity to treat yo'self!

+ Hair cut/Fashion Colors

If you are in need of a trim, try to do this a week or so before your session! Be very careful about making big, dramatic changes right before your session! A week will give you a better chance to have any corrective work done prior to your session if you find you're the kind of babe who is followed around by Murphy's Law.

We LOVE fashion colors! Make sure your color has settled in well prior to your session. If your hair is still depositing color, it will transfer to your skin (we tend to get a little hot and sweaty during a session) and we cannot photoshop a blue neck or hair line. Use your best judgement here and consult with your salon professional about the best time to refresh your color!


Did these tips help to demystify the boudoir prepping process?

Now that we’ve gotten you excited about ALL the reasons to visit the spa and salon, click the button below to get the process started on ROCKING your boudoir session!!