RJS is now introducing: SHOWER SESSIONS!!! | Berks County Boudoir

Oh. Hell. Yes.

In the boudoir industry, there has been a growing popularity in shower sessions! With some inspiration and a handyman for a dad, RJS now has a faux-shower set up! It was shot in the same test session as the Black Bedroom post, but I thought this really needed it’s own thang.


  • The Shower Set adds an additional 30 minutes to our regular studio sessions

  • You do NOT need to be nude! We can keep it as tame as you feel comfortable with!

  • You will get wet, but we will avoid directly spraying your face. Kylie’s makeup is just too good to let it run off!

  • The Shower Set will produce a minimum of 10 images for your ordering gallery.

  • The price to add on the Shower Set to your session is $200 and cannot substitute an outfit change included in your regular studio session.

And now for the good stuff!

We like to think of ourselves as the Oprah Winfrey of Berks County. Follow us along in the VIP group for our frequent giveaways!

So we’ve been cooking up all the ways that we could sprinkle the Boudie Crew with even more gifts!


January’s booking incentive is the SHOWER SET. Girl. Yes. If you’ve been waiting to book, now might just be the time to claim this new hot service.

  • You’ll have until January 31st at midnight to book your 2019 boudoir session to snag this promotion.

  • There is no promo code. Your shower set will be automatically applied to your boudoir experience.

  • After January 31st, the promo will be over. But you’ll still be able to add the shower set to your boudoir experience at its regular price.

  • At this time, this is an add on to our regular boudoir experience and cannot be booked as a stand alone session.

    Trend Prediction: We have a feeling Petite Sessions with a Shower Set add-on will be hot this Spring!

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Check out some of these STEAMY Shower Set images!!

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