Berks County Boudoir | Self Love after Pregnancy

Miss K. had an amazing boudoir session in our Downtown Reading studio. This gorgeous mama wrote a few words about her relationship with her body since having two kids.


I contacted Rachel because I wanted to do a session as a present for my husband’s birthday coming up. I was nervous about reaching out because my body has changed so much. I know, I know. My boudoir images say otherwise- but I’ll get more into that later! 


As a mother of now two children, my body has been though a lot of changes. I have stretch marks, loose skin and weight in places I have never had it before. I have always had a tall and slender body type, and it was a struggle to look in the mirror and see a body I didn’t recognize. I have been working toward getting to my pre-baby body, but I know that some things will never be the same. And for a long time, I really believed this was a bad thing. Until my boudoir session with Rachel. She talked to me about how different doesn’t equal bad, and this experience taught me something I would have never imagined: my beauty is not my jean size. Because my jean size hasn’t changed, and this gorgeous woman I see in my photos is the same woman I was looking at in the mirror and saying mean things to. It took this session to make that connection, and I am so grateful. 


I don’t know about anyone else but I am SO hard on myself. I remember before my session trying on lingerie and standing in front of my bathroom mirror, crying. Crying because I was looking at all these “imperfections”, I didn’t feel sexy. At all. Lingerie shopping sucks. Do what I did and just go naked. lol If you are struggling with lingerie shopping, Rachel is so helpful with recommending pieces. Don’t wait to reach out if you are struggling! She is so sweet and you are not alone. Lingerie shopping is tough for everyone. I promise. 


The day of my session finally came. Rachel picked two pieces out for me from her client closet and they fit my body amazingly. Which is funny because I spent quite a bit of time driving myself crazy trying to find the perfect piece and wasn’t happy with anything I was trying on. My best advice is to bring everything you bought! Bring it in a duffle bag if you need to. Rachel will style you out of what you brought, and if she has a piece in the Client Closet that she thinks would work for your body, she’ll pull it for you and compare it to what you brought. She also won’t hold back either. Have you ever had the kind of friend who wouldn’t tell you when you had spinach in your teeth all day? Yeah, that is so the opposite of Rachel. She has a really loving way of telling you that something doesn’t look the best. I know I NEED that! I don’t want someone to tell me something looks good because they are too embarrassed to tell me the truth. And she doesn’t just stop there- she finds solutions for you so you can rock your session. 


Rachel has this down to earth personality that you instantly feel comfortable around her, even while wearing close to nothing. I went into this session being completely nervous and scared and I left this session feeling more confident with myself. That is kinda what’s funny- for so long I thought you had to be confident to book a session. I definitely was not when I booked mine. I was still nervous and thought that I would look bad. But I left my session feeling AMAZING. Rachel and Kylie are the best team to provide this experience. They cheered me on the entire time and I left the studio feeling like a rockstar. 


My husband was totally blown away that I did this! I was seeing my body in such a negative way before my session. Today I see it in more of a positive light. And I think that’s what he loves most about the session: I am a more confident partner and wife. When he compliments me now I say “thank you” instead of saying something negative. Of course, he loves his album and especially loves the metal wall art hanging above our bed! Rachel was right- he was thrilled with the fact that the wall art was made of metal. It is so true, boys don’t grow up, they only get bigger. lol 


So Rachel, thank you! Thank you for showing me, me. Thank you for this amazing experience that I will forever be able to look back on and be like “That is me!”


It’s ironic that I originally did this session as a gift for my husband, but in reality, it ended up being a life changing experience for me.



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