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If you're one of the 11,000 women who make up our Rachel Jasmine Studio | VIP Insiders group on Facebook, chances are: you know Jessie. Our resident cheerleader (in real life too) and studio assistant. Jessie is a client, turned assistant, turned friend. It is likely you'll find her assisting with lighting on Girls of the Wild sessions as well. Jessie puts up with a lot of my crazy ideas as I drag her around Eastern Pennsylvania to create art that fills my soul. This last time, she agreed to go out on the hottest day of the year so I could try some new color concepts I've been dreaming up. This set means so much to me because, while there is always a 'next level' to get to, I feel incredibly satisfied that I've studied hard and created this. I am so proud of these images, both in terms of my own artistry and of Jessie's radiance as we push the envelope yet again. Jessie has been gracious enough to share some words on her experience working with us here at RJS below.  


Beauty Comes From Within

We’re surrounded by beauty everywhere we turn, whether it be in nature, art, architecture, you name it there is beauty in this world every time we open our eyes. But how often do you capture that beauty in yourself, how often do you pass or look in a mirror and say, damn, I love me! How often do we realize how truly unique and beautiful our souls are. That’s where beauty comes from, within. It wasn’t too long ago, I was blinded by my own perception: acne, a “weird” smile, a nose I didn’t love, held me from being proud of who I am for longer than I’m willing to admit. Compliments came here and there, but the image in my head wasn’t reality, but an image my mind created that didn’t match this week’s hottest celebrity. I’ve changed my hairstyles, and color to match what was “in”. I even bought colored contacts to change my eye color to what I’ve heard was the most loved color. Maybe cosmo, or teen, or whatever magazine is hot at the time subliminally told me to look this way, but it was me “ME”. 

Have You Ever Had A Dream?

We all have our definition of hitting rock bottom, and I’m sure more of us than we know have hit their own personal rock bottom. Mine came years ago, after a break up ruined by my own insecurities and anxiety. I spent years working on myself, by myself, for myself, and when I picked myself off the ground I decided, I’m going to try what most little girls dreams are: modeling. My experience was not everything I hoped it would be out of the gate, I had people tell me I didn’t have what it took, photographers I didn’t mesh with and photos that just looked, mediocre.

The Emergence of Grace

If I’m being completely honest, it wasn’t until a year ago when I first stepped foot in a Rachel Jasmine Studio that I began to bloom. Side story, you ever have that person, you sit next to in class, you stumble upon at a sporting event, hell even facebook that you immediately click with and feel the most comfortable sharing the most intimate of stories and ideas with? That’s Rachel. Boudoir can be intimidating, IVE BEEN THERE. You are in your most vulnerable state in front of someone, in sexy clothing or underwear, But in instants I began to bloom. Rachel’s smooth coaching and words of encouragement made the true light inside me that day shine brighter than I ever knew it could. That is ME, the real ME, the way that people see me, not how I distort myself. 

It’s been a year since my shoot, since crying in front of a screen revealing my images, since creating my own work of art in my album and since my “rebirth”. I will sincerely say the process and movement of Rachel Jasmine Studio has changed my life, and my outlook on life from the start. This process has forced me to fight off my biggest battle, myself, and guess what I won, the true me, not the lie of judgment in the mirror. True beauty comes from within, and its not until you see, understand and advocate for your beauty that you begin to radiate. Confidence doesn’t come cheap, you work at it every day, constantly, and it can be a long task. But it IS worth it, what we don’t realize is how often it is that people try to translate our own self worth, as I move on in my confidence movement, I slowly realize how others try and delegate my life. I’ll reflect on my favorite quote “Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice”. My experience with Rachel is as always life changing and ever growing, I am forever blooming, and this shoot brought out my true radiance more than ever before. Today I stand with confidence because through images I’ve found and learned to reach deep and pull out my inner beauty and not a single soul, will tell me its not there. -Jessie 


I am truly so grateful to have Jessie as a friend. Her support and dedication to the studio in the past year has had such a profound impact on both my life and the business. I am so glad we crossed paths and she booked me for her boudoir experience! 

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If you missed the live feed of Rachel's talk at the studio event last week, check out this video Marvin put together for us! See more of his work at MK Flav Wedding Films & MK Flav Video