Holy. Sh*t. We did it you guys. We did it. 

On July 1st Kylie and I walked into a quaint little building on 5th & Penn, sort of feeling a little deflated from our lack of options for studio spaces with the amount of square footage we were looking for. We took the elevator up to the 3rd floor and I immediately saw SO much potential. It is one of Readings oldest buildings and while it came equipped with ample amount of charm, I was also looking at a ton of work that would need to be done to transform it into a downtown Pinterest fantasy. 

It turned out we were in contract negotiations for the better part of the month, competing with a large corporation that was also interested in the space. With our lease at the GoggleWorks drawing to a close, and a STACKED studio schedule with our babes, I was starting to get sweaty palms over if we were going to be able to pull it off. 

With the community effort of all my friends and family- we actually got the shooting and office spaces DONE! Just in time for us to roll into our busiest month of the year. I am ecstatic over how it's turned out so far. The bedroom set is finished and we'll be wrapping up furnishing the living room set this week. 

I had my girl J come in to package client orders and we took a few minutes to test the light in the bedroom. The results were STUNNING. Take a look at the incredible white washed bedroom below. 

IN OTHER RJS NEWS: I have started a Youtube Channel! At the bottom of the page are some videos that I created to document some of the renovations and general studio craziness. I am so excited to be able to utilize another skill of mine to create content to share with you guys truly what goes on behind the scenes on Inside the Boudoir Studio. I would appreciate it so much if you would subscribe to my channel!! (Every time I type that I hear LauraLee's funny "subscribe to my channel" song in my head, lol) 


We are currently booking for October & November!! 

To schedule your very own boudoir experience in our new downtown location, *CLICK HERE* to email us for more info!! 

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