Exist in Photographs | Berks County & Philadelphia Boudoir

There have been so many transitions going on in my life and I am so thankful for all of the amazing gifts 2018 has given me. We are busier than ever in the studio and I am truly so inspired by all of the stories our clients have shared with us about their lives. We are surrounded by Boss Babes. 

One of those babes is my dear friend, Alisha. Today is her birthday! Happy birthday, baby girl! 

I really love taking the opportunity to photograph my friends on their birthdays. It marks another year of thriving and growing, and it's incredible to see the changes in them both personally and physically. Each year I don't think it's possible, but my friends become more and more beautiful as time goes on. Even if you are not soliciting the help of professional photographers, make sure to have your photo taken on your birthday. Ladies, exist in photographs. Too often we are the ones snapping photos of the memories of our lives. Don't forget you too. You'll want to look back on these days. You'll want something that helps you remember who you used to be, while you celebrate who you've become. You deserve that. 

Here's a few of my favorites of my time with Alisha on Monday. I am so grateful to have had this day with her! <3

Happy birthday, babe!!