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We totally get it. For some of our ladies, the idea of their sexy photos being on the internet is a complete turn off. Whether its due to professional or social reasons we are advocates for our clients rights to choose the level of privacy they'd like to have regarding their boudoir gallery.

At your Image Reveal appointment, you'll designate how you'd like to handle the sharing (or not sharing) of your images. Behold: The Anonymous Release. 

Even most of our clients who opt to waive the release WANT to show off their images because they are proud of what came out of their boudoir session. But sometimes there are things that create an obstacle for that to happen. However, the Anonymous Release is often the perfect solution for clients who want to have SOME images shared. Particularly in the private VIP Group on Facebook. Because in there are 11,000 cheerleaders who love to see a good booty shot! 

"I feel so much more confidant after my boudoir session. My advice to ladies is relax, have fun, and don't hold back!" -R
Boudoir Philly & Berks County PA

So what is it? An anonymous image is one where the face of our client is obstructed in some way; hair, arms, crop, etc. One that we (you and I) determine that for any regular person who knows you wouldn't immediate think the image was of you. 

This leaves us with a ton of booty shots to share- and we are definitely not complaining about THAT!

"Some of the images, I was in disbelief that they were actually me; I looked better than I thought! Of course, they are things that I could nitpick that I don't live about my body, but overall I felt pretty badass!" -A


Boudoir Philly & Berks County PA

There's also options like detail shots: 

Boudoir Philly & Berks County PA

Sometimes there are images like this that focus more on the body:

Boudoir Philly & Berks County PA

But mostly, we are talkin' a lot of good booty. 

Boudoir Philly & Berks County PA

You have full control over the decision made here. Most of these babes featured in this post designated an anonymous release. The Boudoir Experience is all about YOU! What you want. What you need. And what you're comfortable with. 

Most of our images show women more clothed than they typically are on the beach. A Select Release would allow you to designate any image that you feel is tame enough for your preferences. If you want more information on this, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!!! 


Are you ready for the ultimate experience in self love? Grab the Booking Guide to read about the boudoir experience with RJS, get answers to frequently asked questions, and a peek at pricing and product info! 

Rachel Kline