What's the Session Fee?

Within the industry there are many names for a session fee: sitting fee, creation fee, booking fee, etc. We call ours The Session Fee. 

You’ll hear us refer to your appointment as “your session” instead of “shoot” because the boudoir experience with us is so much more than a photoshoot. It’s a celebration, it’s therapy, it’s fashion, it’s confidence building. 

Philadelphia's Best Luxury Boudoir Photography

The Session Fee. This is what is due to book your date. With the length of time we spend with each client, we can only take one babe in a normal workday. So this date is exclusive to you and cannot be given to anyone else. 

What does it include? We have two different types of sessions: Studio Sessions + Girls of the Wild. With some few key differences, they both grant these things:

Professional Hair and Makeup: Rachel Jasmine Studio works hard to provide you a unique and reliable boudoir experience, so we have an incredibly talented hair and makeup artist, Kylie, who works exclusively for RJS.  She is fully trained in my lighting style and editing process so she will ensure you look AMAZING for your session in a way that is true to my style and allllll the reasons you want to book us. And she’s super funny and the coolest makeup artist on the block. For real. 

Two hour session: Studio Sessions are shot on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Each is two hours of active shooting time, in addition to hair and makeup. So, you’ll be spending about 4 hours with us on the day of your session. Girls of the Wild is a longer session with approximately 4 hours of shoot and travel time, making it a 5-6 hour day with us. 

Access to the Client Closet: We totally get it. Lingerie shopping can be pretty daunting. Especially with babes who aren’t used to shopping for it (99% of our clients!) or women who have experienced recent changes to their bodies. You’ll get set up with a Lingerie Guide + a Where to Shop Guide to get you started. If all else fails, we have a client closet with more than 100+ pieces to style you from. You can also choose to have me style your ENTIRE session out of the closet. You can literally show up empty handed and we’ve got you covered. 

Complimentary Fitting Appointment: For our babes who need an extra boost of confidence that the pieces they’ve selected are as slammin’ as they hope they’d be, we offer fitting appointments that are typically scheduled a month before your session. That way, in case new sizes need to be re-ordered or there are other styles that can be considered, you’ll be way ahead of the game and set yourself up for a no-stress experience! 

Styling: The Session Fee allows up to 3 outfits to be photographed. We typically choose our top 3 favorite looks and then put a 4th one on the back burner in case we have some extra time. This also gives you the option to do topless or fine art nudes. So, you’ll be sure to have a gorgeous well rounded album to show different sides of your personality through styling. 

Expert Retouching Services: This is the important one. Once your photos are taken, I take great care in selecting the best images from your gallery. After all, I’ve just spent 4 hours learning about you and seeing your gorgeous self light up in front of a camera… I will show you the most amazing micro expressions you have that make up all the ways your beauty shines. With nearly 10 years working in photoshop, I offer a magazine quality level of retouching that our clients know and love us for. Further retouching requests can be made by you, but rest assured that I do not do any body manipulations (slimming, removal of scars and stretch marks, etc) unless I am explicitly asked to do so. So, you can showcase the natural hottie you are, or you can rock out some glamour retouching like Kim K. Whichever you choose is totally up to you. 

Image Reveal: This is quite literally the moment a woman is revealed to herself. It can be an incredibly powerful moment. I’m always excited to see the reaction of our clients by their images and boudoir film. Some cry, some squeal and cheer, some laugh, some sit in silence taking it all in. I can’t wait to see which one you are. This is where you’ll place your order for your gorgeous art pieces. Most of our clients come in for a beautiful printed album, though we offer so many things. Our booking guide will walk you through all your options and you can start perusing all the sexy art pieces we offer. 


Philadelphia's Best Luxury Boudoir Photography

Girls of the Wild: This is an extended Saturday session where you can go outside of the studio. In either a wooded or urban location, this type of session will get you incredible fine art images to fill your album with. These sessions are incredibly limited. We only take 1-2 per month, so if you’re one of the lucky ladies to score one, get ready for some amazing images!! 

If you’ve stuck with me so far, I hope this provides a clearer picture of what to expect! The Session Fee gives you access to our creative team to give you the best boudoir experience of your life. What you choose to buy at your Image Reveal is entirely up to you! 

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Rachel is a boudoir photographer living in the suburbs of Berks County with her fiancé and two boys. On weekends they love to visit the farms of Lancaster County for produce and flowers. Another shopping trip they love to make is into Lancaster City for the farmers market in downtown Lancaster. Iron Hill Brewery is their favorite restaurant to visit when in town. They love craft beer and good food. When they aren’t traveling to nearby counties, they are catching the local entertainment of West Reading for live music, wine crawls, and community events. They also have a puppy who looks like Petey from The Little Rascals. 
Kylie, our Hair & Makeup Artist, lives with her husband and two Australian Shepherds in Schuylkill County. When she isn’t in the studio, you can find her touring the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail, as well as trying out the local breweries like Hijynx and Fegley’s. An avid music fan, Kylie also enjoys attending Musikfest in Bethlehem each year. In her down time, she also likes to hike with her husband and pups, kayak, read, and do a little retail therapy at the Lehigh Valley Mall and the Promenade Shops in Saucon Valley. 
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