Booking January | Reflecting on 2018 | Berks County Boudoir

Does anyone know how 2018 flew by already?

Wtf. lol

I remember being told that as we got older, the years would start flying by. And it is SO true.

I took my 10 year old son to a movie two weeks ago, and I legitimately started crying in the theatre because I looked down at him and for a moment, saw a decade of versions of him sitting next to me in a theater chair.

Hold on. I’m even choking up just typing this.

Anyway. What an INCREDIBLE year it’s been for RJS! Our team grew, our SPACE grew, and we hit the official milestone of serving 200 women since RJS opened its doors 2 years ago!

By far, getting our first commercial space has been our shining achievement for the year. For those of you who have been there, ya’ll know how it is certainly a labor of love. And lots of work still needs to go into the entire floor. But we’re making progress, little by little. And soon enough it won’t just house RJS. We’ve got plans, babes. We’ve got plans.


January comes with a little extra sweetness this year! I have been so excited to announce January’s promotion, but we decided to wait until the Black Friday dust settled.

For every woman booked in January, along with the exclusive client RJS tank top, we are gifting one of the studio’s favorite makeup brands: Becca Cosmetic’s LIMITED EDITION Glow On Trio!!

Start 2019 with boudoir and glam.


If you guys know anything about the RJS crew, we love us some luxury makeup brands. I can’t wait to see whose hands these end up in!!

Happy New Year!!!

Too soon? Okay, I’ll stop. But don’t forget the bomb ass January promo.

Ready to claim your highlighter kit?!

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