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Hey babes!

Each week in our Rachel Jasmine Studio | VIP Insiders facebook group, we have a Client Takeover!

Check out what Miss. M had to say about her boudoir experience with us along with some of her favorite photos from her gallery. And don’t miss her live interview with Rachel at the bottom of the page! :)

Day 1


Good Morning all you fierce ladies!

I am sooooo excited for this week! It's my turn for client takeover! WOOOOHOOOOO! But where do I even begin? This experience was far beyond what I ever imagined! Seriously.... It has completely changed the way I feel about my self image! And I feel as though I have gained two incredible BFFs through the process! Rachel and Kylie are beyond amazing! Not only are they incredible individuals but they are soooooo talented at what they do and I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience their talents. 

Let me start off by telling you a little about the process of me getting to my session. Filled with excitement, fear, doubt, failure, and excitement again. It went full circle for me. I booked my session LAST YEAR, to take advantage of the black Friday special. And quite honestly booked because of the sale and thinking that mentally this would push me to work towards my weight loss goals. Everyone of us I'm sure has done something in the past that we thought would motivate us to work harder for what we wanted in life, am I right?! I even told Rachel during our phone chat that I had this goal of loosing weight before my session and immediately she said "Girlfriend, your session is going to be amazing no matter what!" I heard what she was saying. But the thing is I was listening to hear, not listening to understand. I should have known right then that everything would be amazing like she said. Instead I still had these goals and had a mental image of what I HAD to look like for these pictures to be stunning. But now I understand after this experience and seeing myself in these photos that Rachel was right. The session and the pictures are AMAZING!

Fast Forward a few months..... maybe a month before my scheduled appointment and I was starting to doubt myself and feel like a failure. I doubted the fact that I wouldn't look good because I failed at meeting the goals I had set for myself. So guess what I CANCELED! Although I re-scheduled I still hated to cancel on Rachel. I know how precious her time is and even all of y'alls time. Everyone is eager to book with her and I wasted that time. So for that I felt horrible, and I'm sorry. Sorry to Rachel and her team and most importantly sorry to myself. Sorry that I ever doubted how amazing, beautiful and fierce I am no matter what the number on the scale says! It doesn't define me and won't ever define me! But like I said I re-scheduled and got my butt to that studio the next chance I could! 

When the day finally arrived I was excited and nervous all at the same time. But I still was not where I wanted to be weight wise. However I pushed that thought under the rug grabbed my bag and hit the road! Walking through the door of the studio I was one person, and after leaving my session I was a totally different Marci. It may sound so cliche and corny but I was seriously transformed, mentally! I walked out of the studio after my session with my head held high and more sass in my step. Okay I know that was totally corny and immature to say that but you all know what I mean (especially you all that have experienced this already) It really allows you to look at yourself from someone else's perspective. I left already counting the days, hours and minutes until my reveal appointment!

And I promised myself, this is the day I start loving myself again! I will love who I am NOW! I stopped focusing on where I want to be and started focusing on the journey! I will get there one day, but I will also love one day at a time!

So through out this week I am going to end my post by complimenting myself and telling you all what I love most about the photo/photos I posted for that day. Because I for one don't compliment myself enough and am trying to speak more positively about myself every day! In this photo there is a sassy, fierce women that is confident and drawing you in with her eyes! I LOVE my facials in this photo, although they are subtle they tell a story. I hope you enjoy my story this week!

****AND NOW TO CHALLENGE YOU ALL! Look at yourself in the mirror today and give yourself a compliment! Weather your make up is on point, or your wearing a new outfit, or your hair actually did what you want it to today, compliment yourself because that is where self love and positive body image and empowerment begins! It begins with YOU! Go tackle this Monday and I will see you girls tomorrow :-)


day 2


WOW, Yesterdays post was long and windy ...right? LOL! I promise from now on they will be a tad shorter haha! 

Let me first say Rachel is a tease! Girlfriend, the referral sneak peek and I had a love hate relationship! I LOVED the photo but HATED that I had to hide it from my husband and hated even more that I still had about a week to go before my reveal appointment! This image below is what Rachel dropped in my inbox a few days after my session. And OMG I drove myself crazy looking at it! I glimpsed at it any chance I could! And I say any chance I could because I had to hide it from my husband. The album and photos were his anniversary gift this year, and I didn't want to have this up on my phone and ruin the BIG surprise for him later. So needless to say there were many times I was frantically hitting the home button to close out of my email or throwing my phone down quickly so he wouldn't spot it by accident. But when I first received the email from Rachel I thought wow that girl looks hot! Not because I knew it was me....in fact I didn't even recognize myself! I actually closed the email and re-opened it again and then the light bulb went off and I was like DAMN.....THAT'S ME! Like I said before Rachel and Kylie are sooooooooooooooooooooo talented and will make you look like your in a modeling magazine. So much so you won't even recognize yourself, just like I didn't. 

My self compliment for this photo-
You look seductive, fun, flirty and playful!

Girls, never give your SO's everything right off the bat hahaha....be playful and seductive. It makes us feel sexy as women and it drives them crazy!! ;-)

Instead of #Tushytuesday I'm renaming it #Teasethemtuesday


day 3


Halfway through the week already? Geez... picking these photos are getting harder and harder because my days are numbered ugh! But this photo screams FUN! From the wardrobe to my smile you can really tell I was having an amazing, fun time! The girls made it so relaxed and comfortable I forgot I was posing in lingerie in front of strangers haha. We laughed so hard I got side stitches. Along with all the other sore muscles I felt the day after! 
Rachel isn't kidding when she preps you by saying stretch! Girls take her advice and stretch a little before your session you will thank her later. I was so excited for my session and with getting myself ready and my two kiddos set up with the babysitter that day and making sure everything us moms need to make sure are done before we can enjoy "me" time I didn't have any time to stretch! UGH! I paid for it later..... let me tell you the next few days were torture because I didn't make time to stretch. Again...... I listened to hear, but didn't listen to understand!


Share with me.... what do you love most about yourself? For me it's my smile. I have always loved my smile and have always had a love for teeth, hence my career in the dental field. And I love my smile in this photo. With all the natural light in this room I think it lights up even more!


day 4


So who is on the fence about this once in a lifetime experience? Be honest..... comment if you are, it's okay to be on the fence. I was at first I was terrified that I wouldn't look good, that I wasn't skinny enough, that it would be to expensive and I wouldn't be able to afford it. If any of you have these thoughts, I was right there with you! But thankfully Rachel takes care of all those things and crushes those thoughts.
I looked fabulous, and I controlled how much I spent. I was in the driver seat of this whole experience. Ever hear of the expression "You get what you give" its the truth! You give this experience a chance, you give it everything you have, and you give all your worries to Rachel and her team.... You will get what you dreamed of! These pictures are like my dreams to say the least hahaha or maybe more of my husbands dreams. Anyway.... I never saw myself as being a sexy person. In the past I felt silly trying to be sexy and seductive. Sometimes I would even laugh and giggle when trying to be. But now I rock it with confidence because there is no more dreaming of being that sexy AF girl...... I AM that sexy AF girl and I'm owning every curve and every imperfection of my body and rockin' it with love!

I love these pictures because Rachel captured exactly that....she captured who I am and who I dreamed of being. I can't say Thank you enough to her!



day 5


Get ready for a little bit of a lengthy post again ladies.... I apologize now but this photo has so much meaning behind it I felt like I needed to explain.

This first off is in my top 3 from my shoot. Not just because I absolutely love how I look in it but because of what Rachel said to me during my reveal appointment that has stuck with me since and will continue to be how I view this photo. I knew from the beginning I wanted to do an ice cover. The ice covers are elegant and work as an additional display piece like Rachel has mentioned in the past. I loved the idea of basically having a picture on my nightstand to remind me of this experience every day. But I had a difficult time choosing which photo was going to get the spotlight. I kept asking "Should it be revealing, or should it be tasteful and rated G" I kept thinking in my head, what if someone sees it that isn't suppose to see it? Or what will my kids think when they see it displayed? After going back and forth with some top contenders I settled on this picture! This picture is FIRE and everything! It is my entire experience in one photo and it begins my album by being on the cover! As I was debating which picture to be my ice cover Rachel put it all into perspective and even made me cry. She said "Every time your daughter see's this picture she is going to think, WOW that's my mommy, she looks like a supermodel from a magazine!" And the water works began, and are beginning as I type this. Mention my kids to me and it's all over lol, especially my daughter. For so many girls the media, news, tabloids, and internet portray what "perfect and pretty" is. When really there is no one picture or image that displays perfect and pretty. We all are beautiful! I am sure somewhere along the way you all have thought that you needed to look like someone or be something that was portrayed through news, media, internet or tabloids. Let's end that cycle! That is what I did by making this my ice cover! Instead of my daughter looking up to the images she sees around her, I want her to look up to me and know that she can be beautiful and pretty just the way she is. Every morning when i roll out of bed this is the first thing I see and it reminds me that I am fierce, sexy, confident, beautiful, and amazing! It also reminds me how much fun I had doing my shoot and how real and true Rachel is! Just saying what she did about my daughter and the way she would look at this changed me forever! Because really ladies lets be honest....we may not notice it or think about it often, but those precious little babies of ours are always watching and listening to what we are doing and saying. And because of this experience and the confidence that I found in myself since doing this photo shoot I am wholeheartedly portraying nothing but positive empowerment and self love to my children especially my daughter!

With that being said, Thank you once again Rachel and Kylie for this amazing opportunity and being the push I needed to change my frame of mind! You will never know how much this has meant to me! And thank you lovely ladies for following me this week during my client takeover! The support, encouragement and love that I have received is overwhelming and humbling!

I can't urge you enough if you are on the fence about doing a session, please allow me to be your push! Think of it as an opportunity to become someone completely different for a few hours, or maybe even forever! Don't hesitate and wait until you have a "perfect" body. Do it NOW and enjoy the journey. Love one day at a time!


live interview with rachel

If you have any questions regarding the boudoir experience please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!! :-)