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Rachel Jasmine Studio is looking for everyday women who are in need of the ultimate experience in self love. Who want to feel sexy and beautiful in their own skin. Who want to embrace the women they are and feel confident and empowered. We want to document your journey through the boudoir experience to show women of all walks of life that “sexy” isn’t defined by a dress size, age, or background.

Are you ready for the sexiest year ever?!

Our goal is to give the boudoir experience to everyday women- so no modeling experience is required! What is required is a full social media release. If you have a job that would prohibit your boudoir images be public (teachers, for example) or your spouse would be unhappy with your boudoir images being public, it may be best for you to book a traditional boudoir experience with us to request privacy. The images and video produced from Model Call sessions will appear in Facebook, Instagram, our website/blog, and Youtube.

These sessions must be scheduled for October and November of this year.

The scariest part is saying “yes” to yourself.

Our regular session fee is $500. For the model call, we are discounting this down to $200 which covers the cost of your hair and makeup. As a huuuuuge “thank you” for your participation, we’ll credit that $200 back to you toward the purchase of one of our amazing 4 art collections!! Remember, only 4-6 ladies will be chosen for this based on the number of applicants we fall in love with!

All images and products are purchased separately at your Image Reveal appointment which will be scheduled for 1-2 weeks after your boudoir session.

Sessions are scheduled at our chic, Downtown Reading studio on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (and some limited Fridays). They begin at 9:30am and conclude around 1:30pm.

Please complete the steps below to submit your application! We cannot WAIT to meet you!!

Remember::: One lucky babe is going to be selected in a random drawing for $500 gift voucher to be applied to their purchase! Make sure you join the VIP Insiders group to be entered!!

Before you get started…

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Step 1

Is the your first time visiting the RJS site? Well, girl- welcome! If you’d like to learn more about us check out the button below! The Booking Guide walks you through what to expect with your time with us!

Step 2

Check out our current pricing guide! We have partnered with the most high end labs in North America to ensure that RJS babes get only THE BEST!

Step 3

Fill out and submit your application!!

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We really like to showcase our clients journeys. And our babes often have blazing passions for the work they do everyday- we'd love to hear about yours!
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Studio sessions are scheduled based on availability in our Downtown Reading studio on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays beginning at 9:30am. *
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