Rachel Jasmine Studio

 Boudoir is the new black.

No really. It is. Boudoir is chic, sophisticated, fashion inspired, empowering, alluring, sexy, fun, flirtatious, emotion driven, nerve-wracking, exciting, liberating… ALL the things!

Every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered. As a specialized boudoir studio we give women this life changing experience every single day. We are located in Downtown Reading in a historic building right off of Penn Street! It’s got that old, historic charm with a modern, NYC apartment feel. So. Like. A literal Pinterest fantasy.


 Hi, I’m Rachel…

True coffee addict. Fem-preneur. Photographer. Film maker. Mommy to 2 boys. Wifey to an incredible man.

I am the chick behind the lens. Empowering women to love themselves is kinda my thing. Boudoir changed my life, and I am on a mission to show women how this experience can have the most profound impact on their self image. How we perceive ourselves shapes SO much of our experience out in the world. So, my days are spent with ladies in their underwear and it is the BEST!



 The Experience



 So, like… what next?

Step One: Girl, reach out!! A lot of women are terrified just to even send me an email. So, if this is you, you are NOT alone! It is perfectly normal to be unsure or nervous, but I am challenging you to do brave things and shoot me an email to say hi!

Not ready to commit to chatting with me? No worries, babe. Download our Booking Guide to dip your toes into the world of boudoir RJS style.

Step Two: Shoot! But don’t get it twisted- before all this will be a TON of prep. The more effort you put into planning your boudoir experience, the more you’ll get out of it. You’ll be given prep guides, our exclusive Where to Shop guide of our top online retailers, and as much emotional support as you need! You’ll also be scheduled for a pre-session consult either in person or over the phone so we can get to know each other a little more before the big day.

Step Three: Order. Approximately 7-14 longgggg days after your session you’ll come back for your Image Reveal appointment. This is when you’ll purchase your art collection and I will help you fill an album with all of the bangin’ images from your session! Our clients often say this is their favorite part of the whole experience when they finally get to see their steamy image gallery!

 Are you ready to do this?!

Let’s first complete Step One.



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